Design Furniture

Stolar och Cafébord
En grupp och stolen Sörbo
Stolen Orravalla
Stolar och bord
Stolar, bord och screentryck
Stolar och bord
Stol och bord
Stolar och bord
Stolar och bord
Stolar och bord
Freluga och Vängsbo
Stolar och CafébordTill vänster: Sörbo, Vängsbo, Långhed, med Cafébord. Till höger: Vängsbo.
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Design furniture

The art of choosing the right furniture
The collection has its own unique and timeless design.  This series is also designed with Mårten's screen prints in mind. The design furniture and screen prints both complement and contrast with each other. As this range of furniture is machine-painted, the collection can be offered at a lower price. The choice of design, finish and price from Mårten's two different furniture collections is yours.

Inspired by Hälsingland
The chairs have been named after villages and places in Hälsingland that have inspired Mårten: Freluga, Vängsbo, Långhed, Sörbo, Hårga, Orravalla. For information where to view and order Mårten Andersson's furniture click here.

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