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Art furniture

Creating beautiful furniture is part of my legacy
"Creating a whole room with pictures and furniture is my legacy . I think of the chairs and tables as sculptures and I am so happy with what I have created.” Mårten Andersson

Inspired by a painting
The furniture is inspired by a painting in which Marten Andersson portrayed lovers standing at a table. They needed something to sit on.

Chairs that  follow the day’s rhythm
Their names are Dawn, Morning, Noon, Dusk, Evening and Night. "An eye which wanders over the chairs around the table undertakes a twenty four hour journey, where geometry expresses the degree of activity during the day and night." Olle Granath, former secretary of the Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts.    

Exclusive art furniture built for use
The art furniture is hand painted and signed by Mårten Andersson. This limited collection consists of 100 chairs of each model and 200 tables. Each piece of furniture is individually numbered. The art furniture is not suitable for outdoor use. For info on where to view and order the new furniture collection click here.

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